Rocksure specialises in mining, construction and related supportive services in West Africa

International Best Practices

› In all our operations and activities, every detail and care is taken to ensure that a Positive Impact in socio-economic cohesion are achieved in terms of production, safety, health and other expectations of all stakeholders.

› Health and environmental considerations and resultant policies are carefully mapped out and implemented to ensure a sustainable and safe environment for all. Employees are medically screened periodically and provided with the necessary care and counselling.

› Safety and Training are not compromised throughout our operations as periodic checks, in-service training and education are provided to employees at all times.

› Our personnel isadequately resourced, well remunerated and appropriately insured against any injury or mishap that might accidentally occur.

› Above all, Clients are delivered value for their money, growth in investment and valued contribution to the society at large through the honouring of diverse obligations and other corporate and social responsibilities.